• “Thank you for the wonderful baths! They smell great & I love the flower & the tie!!”  – M.

  • “thanks for the great work on Penny. She looks great! Definetely one of the better cuts she has ever gotten. Thanks again!"– M.

  • “He smells so nice, I keep on hugging him” – T.

  • “we were all saying how incredibly soft and wonderful smelling Sadie is” – S.

  • “she smells yummy!” – C.

  • "Good morning!  I just wanted to tell you how much I love the peony that Ellie came home with!  She is so soft and sweet smelling and the peony just topped it off!  Thank you!" – S.

  • I've been meaning to tell you...love, love,  Love her haircut this time!!!!  Nailed it! ❤️❤️" – P.

  • "Blue looks really good - ... were saying what a good job you did in grooming her!" – C & A