It's no secret that boarding your dog in a kennel is stressful, and not just on them. And that is why our Home-Style Boarding service is the perfect answer for you. Your dog gets to stay in the comfort of a home and you get to know they are being well cared for while you're away. 

           Cost:  $35/night/dog

           Please review our Required Medical Requirements

Puppy Boot-Camp

Boarding & Training

     Stop yelling, kicking, and screaming at your dog for not behaving.  We'll do the schooling for you while you take care of life and family. 

     Our Boarding & Training program is based on our Home-Style Boarding.

            Cost: $700 (2wk required stay)

Please review our Required Medical Requirements


Dog Grooming

Who doesn't like a beautified fur-baby?  If you are boarding with us OR simply want a smelling-looking-good dog, then take advantage of our dog grooming services.  We offer from a Simple Bath to a Full Groom Style Fur Cut, Nail Trim/Cut, Nail Polish, Creative Grooming. 

         Click on the "Dog Grooming" Link above for more detailed information.

Please review our Required Medical Requirements

Grooming Testimonials

Grooming Pics!